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Re: Virtual Networking between Debian and Microsoft Windows systems

On Sat, 8 Sep 2001 emailaddy@qwest.net wrote:

> Virtual Networking between Debian and Microsoft Windows systems

Have a look at www.freeswan.org. It is an IPSec implementation for Linux,
which works great on debian. Win2000 also supports IPSec, and I remember
reading some emails on the linux-ipsec mailing list reporting success in
connecting a linux+freeswan box to a win2K one. It will take some effort
on your part, some fiddling with kernel patches and configuration files in
linux, getting the service pack adding 3DES support to IPSec under win2K
(the one shipped by default is insecure and freeswan will refuse to
interoperate with it) and learning how to configure the win2K part, but
there are three big advantages:

1) it can be done (somebody did it already)
2) you can easily find somebody which can help you
3) you would be using a standard protocol, which is neither MS nor linux

Just my .002 euro...


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