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Re: listen on tcp port and log input ??

You may find one of my favorite utilities will do the trick: netcat.

	nc -l -p 3000 

Listens on TCP port 3000 and once there is a connection, sends
stdin to the remote host, and sends data from the remote host
to stdout.

You can redirect stdout to a file or use the -o option.
See "man nc."

In anycase, this is not what I would call a robust solution for
something as important as billing.  It is a nice way to begin
snooping data from the router.

Cisco routers output lots of billing data in a variety of ways.
Your problem may be better solved with the IPPR, CDR, or RADIUS
accounting records.


Marcel Welschbillig (marcel@comdek.net.au) said:

> Dose anybody know of any programs i could use to open a port on a debian 
> box and log the data that comes in to a file ??
> What i want to do is have a CISCO router send data that it recieves on 
> an AUX port to a tcp port on a linux machine and log the data to a file. 
> The data will be PBX billing data from a remote site.
> Any clues would be great !
> Marcel

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