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a filter for tcp socket

this is a work i would like to study but i fall in problem when looking for 
Linux Socket Filtering Documentation.
I want to make a filter that can alterate data on tcp packets following 
some  rules ( e.g. faking icq messages to give you an idea ) and must block 
the original packet (or rewrite it ... aniway it's IMPORTANT the original
packet can't arrive to destination) .
this filter has to run on a machine in which traffic pass through 
( e.g. a linux gw on a LAN ) .
the only way i find to do that ( attach a program that filter sockets) 
is through Linux Socket Filtering but it seem not to be any docs about that.
is there someone who has links to docs, examples or can suggest me another way
to do that ? 


Samuele Tonon  <samu@linuxasylum.net>
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System administrator at Computer Science Lab's, University of Bologna, Italy  
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