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About mutt's scoring system (Was: Re: [Fwd: Re: HARASS ME MORE.........])

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 04:37:11PM +0100, Jon Masters wrote:

> On 01 Sep 2001 16:32:50 +0100, Jon Masters wrote:
> Take out the middle rule if you think it's excessive :)

I take it, that that was a filter built in procmail, right? I'm just 
about to study procmail and its possibilities, but in the meanwhile,
I'd like to be able to kill messages with mutt's scoring system.
I know, this goes a bit off-topic, but as I haven't subscribed to 
debian-user, and I wouldn't want to just because of one question,
I thought I'd ask here.

So here's the related things - my ~/.muttrc has the following line;
score_threshold_delete=-5 (should it be score_threshold_delete="-5"?)

example.muttrc.gz has an entry like this: score '~f aol\.com$' -9999
So, if score_threshold_delete would be modified to "9999", I presume,
that that line would delete all messages coming from @aol.com? Or am
I totally on the wrong tracks? This is one of the scorings, what I have 
in my ~/.muttrc:

score '~f ^@ptd\.net$' -10

That is wrong, isn't it? I should take the ^ and @ off of it, or should I?
But as the score_threshold_delete is "-5", the score "-10" should kill the
article (if that score line would be correct, that is), right?
Could some helpful soul, please, lighten up this scoring system of Mutt's
a little bit, because I've read the manual, the sample muttrc's, S-Lang's
documentation about the regexps and such forth, but my scoring system has 
always been failing. So, let's say, that I would never like to see any 
postings from foo.bar@foobar.fi - what should I do? And how can those be
shortened, actually? If I'd like to kill everything from @foobar.fi, what
then? I'll throw my own "educated guesses" here, as well (if they're 
terribly wrong, I'm not surprised...):

score '~f foo\.bar@foobar\.fi$' -10
score '~f ^@foobar\.fi$' -10

And I apologize once more, for posting this somewhat off-topic message
here - please try to bear me. I'm still thinking of subscribing to 
debian-user, but I already have so goddamn many mailing lists where I've
been subscribed to, not to even mention newsgroups - I just don't have 
time to read my current subscribings, not to speak of a new one, and even
very trafficed one, as well. But yes, sorry for the inconvenience.

Jussi Ekholm,		 "Everything is so fine it could be
the ill flower         	  don't let your mind take you in misery
ekhowl@saunalahti.fi	  all the feelings you're not so much pleased
			  they're just to take you to sweet harmony"

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