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Re: Why do people do this? [Was fishingboat in root]

Brian P. Flaherty [vze2rfri@verizon.net] said:
> So, I found it in netwatch.c.  Why do people create these files?  I
> have enough to do already, without wasting time looking for the source
> of spurious files.
> static unsigned char fillmac[] = {  0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0  };
> static FILE *fish = NULL;
> static char fishname[] = "/root/.fishingboat";
> static int fishlen = 0;
> static char *fishp;
> Could a message go in the README.Debian file in netdiag that says
> something to the effect of "netwatch will create a silly file,
> /root/.fishingboat, don't worry about it."  How about on the manpage
> in the files section?

I just looked at the code. It looks like that file may have been for
debugging purposes. The file get's fopen(3)'ed and then there are a
bunch of fwrite(3) calls using it as an argument that are commented
out. This is in netdiag-0.7 from unstable.


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