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Re: apache log entry

Igor Goldenberg <igold@mail.ru> writes:

> > LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache/mod_rewrite.so
> > 
> > RewriteEnging On
> > RewriteRule ^default.ida(.*)  http://someothersite.com/ [L,R]
> > #---------------
> This not works for me. How to make Rewrite in Apache?
> I've added two more lines:
> and 'RewriteOptions inherit' in every virtual host. But nothing in log :(

Personally, I do this:

        RedirectMatch Permanent /(.*default.ida.*$)$1

I've got this on the bottom of httpd.conf, outside all the virtualhosts, so
it seems to apply to all of them alike. (In any case, the worm apparently
isn't asserting a Host: header, so they'll all go to your default config.)

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