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Re: pop3

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 01:54:03PM -0700, Stephen Hassard wrote:
> I was just playing around securing one of my Exchange boxes, and found that
> coupling Stunnel (http://www.stunnel.org/) with your favourite mail server
> works really well (not that Exchange is my pick for a secure mail server)

Indeed, I have been doing exactly that and it works great.  I run Solar
Designer's 'popa3d' on port 110 for those users which do not have
clients supporting TLS, but those who do are encouraged to use the
POP3/TLS running on port 995 which is really just an stunnel to port 110
on the same machine.  Outlook Express and many other clients have
built-in support for this so there is very little tech support overhead.

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