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Re: umask for init

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> neh.  messing around with what /sbin/init is nasty.  better solution
> is adding umask 022 to /etc/init.d/rc, using /etc/initscript (im not
> totally sure how this works rtfm...)

Here is what I put in /etc/initscript, which does the trick
according to Nick Name's test in a previous message.

# Created by jdc to protect against bad umask settings in the
# kernel, e.g. kernel versions 2.4.6 and a few others.

# Init uses this to start all processes it wants to start.
# See initscript(5).

umask 022
eval exec "$4"

No need to reboot or restart init, I think.


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