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Unidentified subject!

Hi all. I run a stable with some package from testing (XFree86 4.02 and

Some week ago in the morning I found my computer had been rebooted by
night and found some zeroes in my syslog, just before the reboot.
I first thought of a worm, the latest ramen variant (don't remember the
name right now), but I didn't find any sign of it.

I have changed my passwords, however I am using ipchains. 

Today my computer has freezed (!!!  Its a debian it really shouldn't :)
) and I found those zeroes again after pressing that big red button.

Do someone know something about this all? May this be a security

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad english

Vincenzo Ciancia

Nick Name - nick.name@inwind.it - UIN 94982698 - Vincenzo Ciancia - 

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