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Re: Security Feedback - Backup Process?

Security input aside... have you considered using rsync instead of
building a bunch of huge tarballs? I use a similar method, but my backup
machine pulls data in with rsync. I don't build ISOs, I just tar from
the backup machine to tape. By using rsync, I beat up my network much
less, and I speed up the operation.

Also, with the method I have, I maintain everything on my backup
server... no configuration goes on the clients.

Just something else to consider.


Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> The batch backup process is divided into four pieces:
>    o collect [each machine]: builds tarballs based on configuration
>    o stage [backup machine]: stages all collected data from other machines
>    o store [backup machine]: builds ISO image and writes staged data to disc
>    o purge [each machine]: purges old archived tarballs and/or ISO disc images
> Other than the problem with the saved-off files, is it safe to say that this
> process is as reasonably secure as any batch process which relies on ssh can
> be, or are there other things I can change to make the whole thing more secure?
> I really appreciate any feedback any of you might provide.  I read the list,
> or you can send email privately to <pronovic@ieee.org>.
> Thanks!


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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