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Re: aargh... I am being asked to change to SuSE

Am 16.07.2001 10:03 Uhr schrieb Juha Jäykkä unter juolja@utu.fi:

> (off topic)
> Anyone care to help me: I need some _strong_ points in favour of
> Debian, against SuSE. No crap, please. I need to presuade my superiors
> to turn from RH to Debian instead of SuSE as they would like to do. I
> need strong evidence in favour of Debian if I am to succeed in
> enforcing it. I do not know SuSE myself, so I cannot fight them (they
> do not know Debian, but they are the ones who decide - they do not
> need to) alone. I only care for security/administrability issues now.
> Thanks for enduring me.

Hi Juha,

I´ve strongly used both distros. "have" because i don´t use SuSE anymore for
the following reasons:

Ease of administration:
Try to upgrade an used SuSE x.x with an SuSE x.x+1. It WILL fail! Even try
to do this with a fresh SuSE-Installation. The same.
But try a: apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade with stable, testing or
unstable in your sources.list. You´ll be happy!

Same for security:
CERT announces security problems with bind. SuSE: fetch the rpm from the
website (what´s the adress? Ähm, and in which directory is bind? ...) and
install it manually via rpm
CERT announces another security problem with mutt. Go to the server, search
for the rpm, download it ...
CERT announces ....
But in Debian: apt-get upgrade && apt-get update (even if the CERT announces
hundred of problems)

To sum it up for management: TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is much better
the debian way!
You don´t have to search the web for rpms every time CERT is crying, you
don´t have to install you computer from the scratch every time SuSE updates
the distro, due to the lack of good packet management.

Hope that helps

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