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Re: Sudo and Chown?

On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 04:18:52PM -0700, Paul Socolow wrote:
> I would like to give a user the ability to chown files in certain
> directories to other users ownership.
> I have configured sudo to limit the users and files that can be specified
> for this operation, but there is still one loophole that bugs me:
> If the user were to make a hard link to a file I don't want them to touch in
> one of the directories they can run chown in, they could then sudo and
> change the ownership of the file I was trying to protect. 

yup, not trivial to fix either.

> Is there any way to keep chown from modifying files that are linked? Or can
> you prevent the creation of hard links in a directory?

i think the openwall patch has an option to forbid hard linking to
files you don't own.  that would seem the only obvious solution here.

i am not certain that would solve it entirely though, how are you
restricting them to only chown files in a certain directory?  does
that rule allow chown in subdirectories of that directory?  if so

ln -s / /place/chown/is/allowed/foo
sudo chown /place/chown/is/allowed/foo/etc/passwd

Ethan Benson

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