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RE: ProFtpd question

Just add

DefaultRoot         "~"

to the proftpd.conf

In this case it does not matter if your
user has a shell or not!

But better create ftp-users with no shell!



On 26-Jun-2001 Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
> Hi,
> I use proftpd to allow users to connect to my server via ftp. I've declared a
> new user on my server, and set its home directory to /home/newuser. But in 
> this case, I have a security problem : when connected, the root directory for
> ftp is still :/home/newuser; so he can access the tree /home or /. How can I 
> specify /home/newuser is in fact / for him ?
> Thanks for any help
> Best regards
> --Luc
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