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Re: FAQ ?


as far as I know the common list rules aslo apply to the Debian lists,
that is in general to be politely to each other. If you think you have a
question that may have been asked before, search the archives at
lists.debian.org. If your answer is not there, or if you want to know more
about it, you can ask your quesion here. Be aware that this is an English
list, so please post in English (it also gives a higher change that your
problem will be solved).


  NT is the OS of the future. The main engine is the 16-bit Subsystem
  (also called MS-DOS Subsystem). Above that, there is the windoze 95/98
  16-bit Subsystem. Anyone can see that 16+16=32, so windoze NT is a 
  *real* 32-bit system.

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Bastian Felten wrote:

> Hallo zusammen
> Ich wollte mal fragen ob zu der Liste eine Faq oä gibt, da ich nich unbedingt 
> ein Thema nochmal ansprechen wollte ....
> Danke
> Basti
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