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Re: gnupg problem

Tim Potter <tpot@valinux.com> writes:

> Thomas Bushnell BSG writes:
> > In this case, there needs to be a non-older version of mailcrypt
> > available for potato.  I don't know why conflicts were added to
> > mailcrypt (nothing I noticed in either the public or private security
> > lists mentioned it, AFAICT).  But assuming the conflicts are needed,
> > the security team needs to upload a working recent mailcrypt to the
> > security.debian.org archive.
> I expect it is because the mailcrypt module can't seem to parse
> the output of gpg versions > 1.0.4 when trying to decrypt
> messages.  From memory, the output format for --list-secret-keys
> has been changed.

Ok, that's a fine reason.  But then the working mailcrypt needs to be
installed, or the security fix has only been half-done.

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