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Re: Exploit

On 2001-06-09, Tomasz Olszewski wrote:

>Could you please tell me how I can prevent from following exploit:

 Do you really think it's an 'exploit'? ;>

shasta@quasimodo admin$ cat l33t.sh
echo "1|nux r007 3xp10|7 by 1c4m7uf"
cd /tmp
cat >ex.c <<eof
int getuid() { return 0; }
int geteuid() { return 0; }
int getgid() { return 0; }
int getegid() { return 0; }
gcc -shared ex.c -oex.so
LD_PRELOAD=/tmp/ex.so sh
rm /tmp/ex.so /tmp/ex.c

shasta@quasimodo admin$ ./l33t.sh
1|nux r007 3xp10|7 by 1c4m7uf

sh-2.03# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=4(adm),10(wheel),80(network),98(proc)

(okay, some think we're r00t now, but... ;)

sh-2.03# cat /etc/shadow
cat: /etc/shadow: Permission denied
sh-2.03# cd /root
sh: cd: /root: Permission denied

 So. How can you mess up anything using this 3xp10|7? ;>


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