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Re: X & tcp listening

Hello Debian Users!
On poniedziałek, 28 maj 2001, 15:50:14 +0000 Jim Breton wrote:

> So make /usr/bin/X11/X a wrapper for the "real" X.

I was thinking about it but I thought there may be a more "civilized"
way ;) However what if an user finds the real X?

> > Besides, xinit looks only for user's private rc and doesn't
> > care if there is a global one.
> You mentioned you are using startx.  man startx:

As you can see above I mentioned that _xinit_ (not startx!) looks _only_
for $HOME/.xserverrc and doesn't know anything about a global xserverrc.

> Granted, you would have an issue (as you indicated) if a user creates
> his own .xserverrc.  So there are a number of ways around that, such as
> pre-creating them and making them immutable

Yest, this is another solution I was thinking about. The problem is that
it isn't very "nice" ;)

> aliasing startx in /etc/profile and making a script to determine the

What for? Startx works fine fine a global xserverrc. Even if it didn't
(like xinit) making an alias would be _very_ naive :)

Tomasz Olszewski | caster@from.pl
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