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Re: Good "secure" FTP server - users

in /etc/ftpaccess add a line like

restricted-uid username1 username2 username3

this will make users that logs in with their username listed in the line above, kept inside their home directory. they will not be able to cd into other directories of the system, only their own home-dir and whats below.

At 13:53 31.05.2001 -0700, Alvin Oga wrote:

hi ya John

remove "real" from /etc/ftpaccess and that will make it only
an anonymous ftp server

if you wanna deny secure ftp connections to some....its easier to
only allow secure ssh ( secure ftp) connections to only certain folks
listed in your ssh config files

c ya

On Thu, 31 May 2001, John R. Daily wrote:

> At (time_t)991319743 ray p wrote:
> > You might want to see if using scp or sftp under ssh does what you need it
> > do. Very powerful and very secure tool. Better then any ftp package
> > out there imo.
> I haven't tried this as a secure ftp solution for a few years, but one
> significant problem I encountered was the inability to prevent users
> from logging into the server.
> The best I could do was give them a restricted shell in a chroot'ed
> environment, and even that required some custom programming.

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