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Re[2]: Intent to Rewrite: pwgen


As an answer for Your letter, I would like to write:

> That's funny.   It compiled just fine on my Debian/woody system....
> What sort of errors were you getting?

On my Debian/Potato it did not.

> By the way, I looked at your patch, and it doesn't make any sense.
> gettimeofday() is a BSD call, and all header files I know of, it uses
> struct timeval.

It reported to me, that tv is unknown size. I checked in /usr/include
and found no file containing timeval struct. Only info about it in
time.h (that timespec is similar, but it uses nanosec, not microsec), so
I changed some lines. I hope it works, because I compiled before adding
#ifdef's in some places (but I changed every usec to nsec, etc.).

> Using struct timespec is just wrong.  The problem
> seems to be a missing #include of sys/types.h.  It doesn't seem to be
> necessary on my Debian/woody compile environment, but it is
> technically necessary.

Why timespec is wrong? It's a substitute (it's said like that in time.h)
according to POSIX.4 (AFAIR, because I'm using Wimdows right now and
can't check for sure).

Anyway - You are right, passwords created using makepasswd are usually
impossible to say. However it would be nice to include other languages
schemes also. ;)

Best Regards
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