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Re: root fs/crypted

Having a crypto install option (even if it's a little more complex to
get) is still better than not having one.

At this point, all one can do is encrypt a filesystem off of a non-
encrypted root partition.  Like removable media or something else that
is mounted by hand.  There are some logistical problems with doing
that for a root filesystem, but those can probably be worked out.

Does anyone know of a good cypherpunks list/site?


On Wed, 30 May 2001, Hubert Chan wrote:
> Don't forget those countries where the use of cryptography at all is
> illegal.
> If Debian were to implement a cryptography-by-default install, it would
> also need a non-cryptographic install.  The cryptographic install would
> also only be avaiable via non-US and its mirrors due to export
> restrictions in certain countries.
> Hubert.

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