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Re: X & tcp listening

Hello Debian Users!
On niedziela, 27 maj 2001, 17:00:37 +0000 Jim Breton wrote:

> Yep... actually this _is_ the correct way to deal with this.

But I want to make the "-nolisten tcp" option always active. If an user
creates his own $HOME/.xserverrc, it overrides the system wide
xserverrc. Besides, xinit looks only for user's private rc and doesn't
care if there is a global one.

> and made it executable (although this may have not been necessary... not
> sure).

No, it doesn't need to be executable.

Tomasz Olszewski | caster@from.pl
"Lenistwo idzie tak wolno, że nędza je dogania." -- Benjamin Franklin 

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