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Re: wdm & security

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:

> Interestingly enough, a quick find/grep traversal of the wdm source
> indicates that the only code for setting up network listeners comes
> directly from the xdm sources without modification at all.  That implies
> to me that the listener on port 32768 should be as safe as the standard
> xdm listener on port 6000.  But I still don't see why it's there.
> > this. Should I trash wdm or what? It's a little sad thing to do since
> > it allows me to choose a window manager at login time, something xdm
> > does not do (at least didn't last time I checked).
> I would not trash wdm just yet.  Let me take a look.  If you're
> concerned, you might want to firewall that port using ipchains or
> iptables.

I'm running an local-modified wdm-version here. (Mostly removed the
choosers on the start as they confuse my DAUs and use an quite changed
wmanager-chooser afterwards.

I also switched of the code in xdm for opening this port in source.
(There might also be a config-option for it, but I did not found it).

As I overlooked the code very quickly, it seems olny nessecary for 
x-sessions on other computers, which is very rarly used nowadays and
nowhere in the local environment here.

Some config-option with debconf-question would be cool to have, when
someone make the week last 20 days I might send a patch, but univerity
uses all my time currently.

	Bernhard R. Link

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