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Re: Problem with logging firewall packets

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Paul Dossett wrote:

> Okay, I'm *really* embarrassed about this, but I can't get syslog to log
> firewall packets to a logfile - it insists on sending them to my Debian
> box's console.  I've checked the /etc/syslog.conf file and there's no
> mention of a console there at all, so what am I doing wrong?  The crappy
> ipchains test script I've rigged is working, a grc.com scan is being blocked
> in all the right ways, but I just can't get the logs on magnetic media...
> what really simple, obvious, even-a-redheaded-stepchild-could-work-it-out
> step am I missing?

Is klogd running? You need that, for syslog to be able to log kernel
messages such as ipchains logs.

I have the very same problem with iptables, but not with ipchains. On the
simple ipchains-based firewall I set up for my institute, a debian potato
box with a handful of packages recompiled from sid, I use the spf 
(stateful packet filter) package to handle firewalling rules, and
syslog-ng to handle the logging, and I could easily direct ipchains log
messages to specific log files. I was never able to do the same with
iptables, however. Logs from iptables are indeed recorded in the logs, but
they also *always* turn up on whatever console I am using. The kernel log
daemon is running, everything appears to be working, where is the catch?



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