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Re: detecting portscanning

--- Rudy Gevaert <webworm@zeus.rug.ac.be> wrote:
> It is my first time i'm putting up a server (at
> home, cable modem) with
> ftp/ssh/apache on it.
> Now I would like to know who does portscans on my
> machine, and when.  And
> how many.
> Is there a package for it in debian?  Or do I have
> to install something
> else.
Check out www.snort.org. Snort capable to detect
portscans. Note, that not only portscans, but other
"strange" activities (i.e. tracing, os fingerprinting,
etc) and attacks. You can download sources from
original site or get *.deb from debian (it included
into latest release).

Regards, Vladislav. ---> http://cybervlad.port5.com

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