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wdm & security

  I am a little concerned about XFree86+wdm keeping a bunch of
processes listening on port 32768. (wdm is the windowmaker xdm
replacement.) According to lsof -i TCP, there are a number of
processes listening on the port. When using X, I accept the obvious
port 6000 being open for inbound connections and I believe XFree is
secure enough with it (I only allow local logged-in user from
localhost to contact to my X server) but what is this wdm doing
listening on 32768? nmap says it's an unknown port and /etc/services
does not recognise it. IANA seems to recognise the port as
filenet-tms     32768/tcp  Filenet TMS
filenet-tms     32768/udp  Filenet TMS
but I have no idea what "Filenet TMS" is. I am a little at a loss with
this. Should I trash wdm or what? It's a little sad thing to do since
it allows me to choose a window manager at login time, something xdm
does not do (at least didn't last time I checked).
  For what it's worth, my wdm is Version: 1.20-5, from unstable. The
newest seems to be 1.20-10, but I am in a habit of upgrading unstable
stuff only if there is a problem/security issue. (Because things
sometimes break, like alsa-utils was broken last week.)

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