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Re: What is port 500?

armitage@freaks.com (Brandon High) writes:

> > But I am at loss to what port 500/udp is? By the timings, (starting 30
> > seconds after connecting to my ISP), it actually looks like my ISP is
> > trying to send those packets to me (the source IP is the other endpoint
> > of my ppp connection).
> > 
> > Any ideas out there? Where I can I find an authoritative list of port
> > numbers?
> I don't know what port 500 is, but I saw something similar in my logs:
> May 18 04:03:40 xenophobe kernel: Packet log: input DENY eth1 PROTO=17
> L=772 S=0x00 I=35765 F=0x0000 T=113
> (#36)
> There were 6 attempts, spaced less than 15 seconds apart. There's most
> likely a new Windows back door that runs port 500, and people are
> scanning for it.

<http://www.ec11.dial.pipex.com/port-num.htm#500> and
<http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/incidents/2000-12/0110.html> would
appear to say it's an Internet Key Exchange port - quite why one's ISP
should want to establish such a thing with you I dunno, unless you have
dynamic dialup IP#s (ie it's all a horrible mistake).

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