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I'm trying to apply the lids2.2.19 kernel patch to a group of 5 machines.
I was hoping to use make-kpkg's patching facility to automate the kernel
build process.
however, when I try to use the PATCH_THE_KERNEL env variable, or adding
"patch_the_kernel := yes" or "patch_the_kernel = yes" to 
etc/kernel-pkg.conf, neither one will automatically apply the lids patch,
openwall patch or the ReiserFS patch. I have also tried using
~/.kernel-pkg.conf, to no avail.

The machines are identically configured Compaq Deskpro's that will be used
as routers & firewalls for highspeed (cable and adsl) connections.

When I configure everything manually, either using the apply scripts and 
make-kpkg, or using the fully manual (make zImage), everything works.
I would like to use make-kpkg's patching capabilities automate things

I eventually plan on writing some perl scripts that will apt-get the kernel
source, and relevant patches, and compile the kernel, then install it.

I think I'm missing something simple..

any suggestions
ps. how good of a solution is lids for keeping users out of areas they should
not be in? would a restricted sheel be any better?

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