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Re: iptables LOG target problem with syslog

Johan Bergström <johbe@sonera.com> writes:

> Problem solved.
> I didnt have klogd installed. Apparently syslogd by itself didnt like
> that combined with iptables. I have no idea why. Anyway when I installed
> klogd I got all my stuff from iptables logged as I wanted it to
> /var/log/kern.log

I was on the verge of suggesting as much.. :)

The way I understand it, klogd exists to take the kernel's logs (printk
function in the kernel) and shovel them off to syslog for later thought. I
think you'll find you had nothing of type kernel.* coming through to

Out of interest, I had problems after dist-upgrading from stable+secure to
testing, using syslog-ng. In the end I nuked both sysklogd and syslog-ng
(which took long enough, various things trampling on each other in
/etc/init.d), rebuild sysklogd from source and reverted back to it from
-ng. Ho hum. Beware :8)

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