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psuedonymity and apache

I am interested in finding a way to make apache be pseudo-anonymous in its
   logging. Your actions would be traced to your pseudonym, but NEVER to
   your actual identity. I've got some php scripts that currently act on IP
   addresses to see if you've already done something so you don't do it
   again, but I really don't like logging people's IP addresses when

   However, there are a number of reasons why a webserver would not want
   true anonyminity (in otherwords I dont just want to change LogFormat to
   remove IPs completely), such as dealing with abuse, log analysis (analog
   uses IP addresses to make a best guess of unique visitors based on IP),

   I thought of saving IPs by doing a one-way hash on them (like a md5 sum?)
   which would preserve the uniqueness of the IP but also preserve the
   anonyminity - however in hashing IPs the search space is too small, with
   a big iron you could run through the possible hashes in about an hour, so
   it could be undone without much effort. IPv6 would change this of course.

   Is there an apache mod to do this? Has someone done this with a mod_perl
   thing? Does anyone have any good ideas on how to do this? I am looking
   for specifics, not something like "Write a perl script, that'll do it".


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