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Re: Got root?

from the secret journal of Sunny Dubey (dubeys@voyager.bxscience.edu):
> Hi
> I know that this might sound like a stupid question, but its one that has 
> been bugging me.

No such animal.

> Why does UNIX continue to give root access to all deamons below port 1024?

Other way around. In order to bind to ports <1024 a process must have uid 0.

Interesting idea. I had been wondering how long it would be before (if ever)
network interfaces, protocols, and ports would be represented as objects
under devfs, allowing for permissions to be applied there.

However, this kind of thing is probably outside the scope of
debian-security. You might try reposting to linux-kernel. I look forward to
reading next week's Kernel Traffic[0] if you do.

[0] http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/latest.html

Jacob Kuntz

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