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Re: testing owner files and integrity

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 10:38:09AM -0500, Bryan Andersen wrote:
> Samu wrote:
> > 
> > last night i did a chown -R nobody. / as root.
> > i tried to establish the right owner of all files, so i start to check
> > how to do that under debian ( i remembered it was possible under rh) and....
> > surprise nothing.
> > so i started to manually changin owner of my files ( with the help of another
> > machine debian too).
> If you have a backup you can use it to get the owner/group for 
> every file at that time.  Using a short perl script one could 
> take a listing of a backup and use it to apply the owner and 
> group to each matching file.  You should even be able to get 
> back thisngs like the sticky bits if you bother to interpret 
> that data from the backup.
well i know this things,
my mail was not a "calling for help"; is just a suggestion
for future implementation under debian.

> A tripwire database file will also have that information.
i think aide too.
the point for this mail was another: why not implement a "tripwire" db
on deb packages ? ( something like rpm  )


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