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Re: suspicious netstat ouput

On Sat, Apr 21, 2001 at 03:47:59AM -0400, hpknight wrote:
> > Then I did a "find / -inum 127022" but there is no file with that
> > inode. Uh oh. That can't be good either. The firewall runs an old redhat
> > 6.2 install (haven't converted everything to debian, but I'm working on
> > it!) with most everything turned off, as seen from the netstat output.
> A faster way to find out what is using that port would be lsof.  For
> example:
> lsof -i udp:1112
Thanks, I've used lsof but didn't realize it applied to network connections as well.

> Do you log any OUTGOING packets?  
No, but I will try to get some nifty rules set up know that you mention it. The firewall itself should
never make outgoing connections, so I can start there.

> I know rpm has some verify functions that will help pick out binaries that
> have been modified from their original state.  Maybe it's just time to
> wipe the system clean and install Debian ;)
And that really is the bottom line. Time to install Debian..........

Jonathan Freiermuth

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