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Re: IPChains help

"Eugene van Zyl" <evz@streetcar.com> writes:

> What's wrong with the following ruleset that I can't do any DNS
> lookups from the firewallhost ?

Maybe this is just for testing purposes, but the "best practices" say
to DENY by policy and then allow the stuff you want.

> $IPCHAINS -A input -s $Any -d $localnet -j DENY

really with your policy you have setup above, this is the only rule
that means anything.  All the others are just confirming policy.

I highly recommend _Linux Firewalls_ by Robert L. Zeigler (New Riders
press).  This book has saved my kiester several times.  Here's his
recommendation for dns client to server based on a DENY everything

ipchains -A output -i $ext_interface -p udp -s $your_ip_address
$unprivaleged_ports -d $nameserver_ip 53 -j ACCEPT

ipchains -A input -i $external_interface -p udp -s $nameserver_ip 53
-d $your_ip_address $unprivaleged_ports -j ACCEPT
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