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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 045-1] ntp remote root exploit fixed

I guess we should expect a whole lot of attempts to connect to the ports
used by NTP once the script kiddies figure this one out.

I probably average about 20 connect attempts to ports 53 and 111 every day.


>Package: ntp
>Vulnerability: remote root exploit
>Debian-specific: no
>Przemyslaw Frasunek <venglin@FREEBSD.LUBLIN.PL> reported that ntp
>daemons such as that released with Debian GNU/Linux are vulnerable to a
>buffer overflow that can lead to a remote root exploit. This has been
>corrected for Debian 2.2 (potato) in ntp version 4.0.99g-2potato1.
>We recommend you upgrade your ntp package immediately.
>wget url
>	will fetch the file for you
>dpkg -i file.deb
>        will install the referenced file.

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