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Wrong DNS configuration. Which?

Someone has been failing to connect to my sendmail for several days. My syslog is full with error messages:
Mar  1 08:29:08 lee sendmail[1042]: f213T8o01042: ruleset=check_mail, arg1=<otv@tgngu.tyumen.ru>, relay=server.tgngu.tyumen.ru [] (may be forged), reject=451 4.1.8 <otv@tgngu.tyumen.ru>... Domain of sender address otv@tgngu.tyumen.ru does not resolve
Mar  1 08:29:08 lee sendmail[1042]: f213T8o01042: from=<otv@tgngu.tyumen.ru>, size=272074, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=server.tgngu.tyumen.ru [] (may be forged)

I'm not very experienced with bind, but  so far as I understand something's wrong with either my DNS configuration or with the other side's. I believe it isn't mine. I get a lot of mail daily without problem (for example, from this list). On the other hand when I try `dig  tgngu.tyumen.ru ANY' I don't see any A-record.

Am I right, that sendmail's check_mail rejects connection because there are no A-record for tgngu.tyumen.ru in other side DNS configuration?

Is it right address: (I saw it in output of `dig  tgngu.tyumen.ru ANY')?

May it be someone's trying to hack me?

I use Debian Linux unstable (kernel 2.4.2, libc6 2.2.2), bind 9.1.0, sendmail 8.11.2.

Thank you Mikhail.

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