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Re: Woody ssh exploit

> >  I installed ssh 2.3.0p1-1.11 from unstable on my woody 
> machines at home.
> > It works great.
> Yes, but 2.4.0 is current.

NO, SSH 2.4.0 is SSH from SSH Communications.  It is a commerical release.  OpenSSH and SSH are two different products - two completely different implementations of SSH.

This last post helps to illustrate my point about properly naming these.  It would help to eliminate a lot of confusion.

SSH is not Free Software.  READ the licensing!  Yes, there is no charge if you run it on Linux or any of the BSDs.  However if you using it in a mixed environment (you have non Linux/BSD machines) you could possibly be violating the license.  The license is very restrictive.

OpenSSH is Free Software (BSD style license).  You can do whatever you want with it.

I really hope the packages get a name change.  OpenSSH should be called openssh and SSH from SSH Communications labeled as ssh.  The current stable release of OpenSSH for Linux is 2.5.1p1.  You can get it at www.openssh.com


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