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Re: Sendmail DOS

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:59:06 Jean-Francois JOLY wrote:
| Hello Everybody,
|       I've ran Nessus against some servers and it reports me that
| sendmail
|       is vulnerable to a Syn Flood. I've grabbed utilities to test the
|       vulnerabilitie and haven't succeed to reproduce the problem.
|       I've found no information about this vulnerabilitie.
|       Do you know if this is a true problem or just a false report ?
|       In my configuration, Sendmail is run as a standalone daemon.
|       Should I include it in Xinetd to stop the Problem ?

Somehow I don't think its necessary (I could be wrong).
Look in /etc/<mail/>sendmail.cf for:

# load average at which we refuse connections
O RefuseLA=10
# maximum number of children we allow at one time
O MaxDaemonChildren=50
# maximum number of new connections per second
O ConnectionRateThrottle=3

Any of the above options should be able to prevent a DoS, from
their description, if they are implemented correctly.  At least,
they'll offer as much protection as inetd can.  I've used them
before when a mail script when crazy and caused too many

Anyway, Debian Potato ships with Exim, not sendmail.
|       Thanks.
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| Best regards,
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