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how secure is mail and ftp and netscape/IE???

Hello! Steve here,

Well I am one of the family now!!!!

My server is Debian 2.2r2. A benign hacker
got me. All he seemed to do was overwrite my root index.html page and
notify the "hackers watchdog" group to take responsibility for the act!

I have some security questions:

1. How secure is it checking email with eudora pro, given they have not yet
got ssh or any other system that is secure? Since outlook has ssh, is it
worth switching for that? I use a separate user and password for mail and ftp.

2. Cute ftp is not secure yet, but should be soon.

3. Using netscape to port to private sections of the website:


(for example)

I am asked for a user name and password via netscape/IE


Ok all these things are really transmitting my user name and password via
plain text with no encryption. If I have sudo installed and a sniffer comes
along, they have root access very easily!

Should I be concerned about using email, ftp and IE ?


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