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Re: Benign crackers?

Daniel Stark wrote:

You wouldn't actually imply that hackers are out their providing a welcome service do you? I can see if you asked for your network to be stress tested, but to go as far as saying they provide a welcome service? Come on! Yeah, they might have found a security whole, but oops, now the firewall admin is out of a job. People should constantly strive to secure their own boxen, we don't need hackers to do it for us.

I would imply that truly benign hackers are good. We should try to secure our own boxen, but what if we miss something. I'd rather have a benign hacker find it than an bad bad hacker find it. It's like open-source, the more good eyes, the less bad problems...

Of course, if a benign hacker got me, I'd also be inclined to re-format and re-install, bearing in-mind their entry point... Just in case.


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