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Re: Anti Virus for Debian

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 04:41:02PM +1300, Matthew Sherborne wrote:
> Are there any gpl or similar anti-virus programs for linux ?

If you mean filters that can scan incoming email and search for Windows
or maybe Mac viruses, then yes, they exist, but I don't know of any
released under the GPL.  McAfee and other anti-virus companies make
server side scanners that run on Unix (and Linux).  They're both
commercial and very expensive.

If you mean anti-virus stuff to actually scan for Linux viruses, then
no, I don't think any exist at all, GPL or otherwise.  There has never
been enough of a significant virus threat under Unix or Linux to warrant
such a thing.

However, you might want to look in to intrusion detection tools such as
tripwire (www.tripwire.org).  Tripwire constructs a database of info
about every file on your system and can be used to search for changes in
files.  This can let you know if you've been the victim of a crack or
worm or something.  As with all tools like this, it can only do its job
if you use it right.  Read the docs...all of them.


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