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Re: secure install


> On Sat, 17 Feb 2001 smokez@fatgoat.com wrote:
> > i am sure that is note the case,
> > the only requirement is that the target media is the
> > same size or larger?
> Indeed. Most filesystems, including ext2, are independent of the disk
> geometry. So you can "dd" _partitions_ (eg /dev/hda1) from smaller to
> larger disks, then add additional partitions if you want to take advantage
> of the extra space. The geometry is only relevant is you want to "dd"
> entire disks (eg /dev/hda). Alternatively you can tar the whole system --

and in effect we are talking about  "cloning" an entire disk from an
installed system
to n other systems.
Speak for cloning a single partition then i suggest a simple
'cp -ax /mount_point_of_original_parition /mount_point_of_target_partiton'
the 'a' stand for archive (recursive and same permission)
and with the 'x' the copy don't go out the indicated filesystem.
you can find the same suggestion in How-To/Large-Disk

bye |
bye |hor

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