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Re: who owns the ports?

Giacomo Mulas (gmulas@ca.astro.it) wrote on 9 February 2001 12:23:
 >On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Rolf Kutz wrote:
 >> Wade Richards (wrichard@direct.ca) wrote:
 >> > I've got a rescue CD with most of the packages on it, and most(*) of
 >> > those packages include MD5 sums for all the files.
 >> > 
 >> > There should be a way to, after booting up on my rescue CD, check all
 >> > my files against the MD5 checksums on the CD (ignoring the conffiles,
 >> > of course).
 >> Tripwire
 >> > Better yet, for the packages that are not on my CD, it could get the
 >> > MD5s from the FTP archive.
 >> > 
 >> > Does anyone know of such a feature already in the rescue disks?
 >> No, but you can do it with tripwire.

Another alternative is to use sxid. It can be configured to check not
only s[ug]id programs but any files and directories.

And I think checking conf files is as important as checking binaries.

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