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Re: who owns the ports?


netstat is your friend, especially the -p option ;-)



Matthias G. Imhof wrote:

Performing strobe or nmap on my system, I get, e.g., the following list:

79/tcp open finger 119/tcp open nntp 143/tcp open imap2 540/tcp open uucp 6667/tcp open irc 12345/tcp open NetBus 12346/tcp open NetBus 31337/tcp open Elite
However, lsof -i tcp:79 yields nothing. Similarly with the others.
In addition, there should be no irc running, finger is commented from the
inetd.conf, and so on.

Why do these ports respond to strobe or nmap? Which process controlls them?


Christopher `Physicman' Bodenstein
Open Source & Free Software Developers' European Meeting
Brussels 3 - 4 Feb. 2001 - http://www.osdem.org/

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