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Re: logcheck

Antti Tolamo wrote:
> >the important files are
> >
> >
> >/etc/logcheck/logcheck.logfiles
> >/etc/logcheck/logcheck.ignore.paranoid
> >/etc/logcheck/logcheck.ignore.server
> >/etc/logcheck/logcheck.ignore.workstation
> I miss those above. Are they anyway essential?
No, they are just different pre-configured variants of logcheck.ignore
for the ease of configuration. Upon installation (of the current
version) of the package, the user is asked if he/she is installing a
server, a workstation or something like a firewall (paranoid). The
default configuration is done accordingly, but on every level other than
workstation, the file logcheck.ignore (which will be linked to one of
the above) should be customized anyway.

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