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Re: ISPs offering ssl-encrypted e-mail?

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 10:24:12PM -0400, Peter Cordes wrote:
> > they would botch it.  they have already tried scaring everyone about
> > virus/worm problems yet everyone still uses MS Outlook.  
>  I think that has a lot to do with the fact that they don't explicitly say
> to run something else, or give a URI for a different mail client.  A news
> story that said, "... your email is insecure ... run this to make it better
> http://debian.org/ :)", might get some people using non-outlook, esp if the
> URI was for a decent windoze email client instead of a whole new OS :) (I've
> never checked email from 'doze in my life, except by ssh, but I assume such
> a beast must exist...).

like i said, the media botched it.  instead they just continue with
such drivel about antivirus kludges instead of changing to more secure
MUA's and OSes setup in a secure manner.  

Ethan Benson

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