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Re: Updating the Securing HOWTO


On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 12:56:11PM +0100, Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> 	I have just today commited some changes I made about a week ago
> regarding the Securing-Debian HOWTO (available at
> http://www.debian.org/ddp). I have added some comments regarding information
> more Debian-oriented, and have on my TODO list a lot of stuff to add to this
> document (checklist for securing a Debian system, pointers to other good
> documents, recommendations on how to use several packages)
Heh. Incidentally I updated my own HOWTO yesterday as well. Here are the
- Added a security update after installation paragraph
- Added a proftpd paragraph
- This time really wrote something about XDM, sorry for last time

You mind to share the stuff on your TODO? Perhaps I could do something as
well. I will have some free time next week.

> 	I would appreciate any improvements from other people so the
> document does not becomes out-of-date. Many recent threads currently in
> debian-security could make very good sections of this document.
Yep. The "cleaning your screen buffer" thing should be included for
privacy issues, ie. Perhaps a small paragraph about netfilter/iptables as

MfG/Regards, Alexander

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