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Re: Port forwarding for potato

The portfw module for ipmasqadm is quite stable, and as far as I know it
is the only solution for port forwarding in the 2.2.x series kernels.  I
have used it before and have not had any problems with it, nor has anyone
I know.  If it was really experimental and unstable, it would have some
warning about possibly starting WWIII or something :)  And it's included
in the main kernel tree .. not some 3rd party patch that *might* work.


On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Piotr Tarnowski wrote:

> Hi,
> could you please help me select proper solution for port
> forwarding (one IP, Potato firewall and internal WWW
> server to be accessed from Internet).
> It is hard to belive that the only solution for kernel
> 2.2.17 is patching it with experimental  ipmasqadm module.
> Are there any other secure and stable solutions?
> Rgds,
> Piotr Tarnowski
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