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'export RESOLV_HOST_CONF= any file you want' local vulnerability


A friend of mine just tried this against my unstable box and successfully
obtained the contents of /etc/shadow.

I imagine that this is a problem in libc -- I'll leave it to
security@debian.org to file bug reports.



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Yep, I know, that's exactly why I posted it here, because I found no proper
way to exploit it, even by modifying /etc/hosts :)
Btw, isn't there any environment variable that allows you to specify the
hosts file being used?

Yep, try this:

$ export RESOLV_HOST_CONF= any file you want

And this can be done by user-level because this used to be a way to view
Combine this with the exploit method I suggested earlier and you've got a
pretty plausable exploitation method.

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