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Re: OT: Lots of requests for UDP port 27015

wsuetholz@centonline.com writes:

>   I've been seeing a lot of Protocol 17 messages destined for port 27015.
> I looked on the snort page to see what it said, and it didn't have any
> matches. Can anybody tell me what could be happening here? These are
> comming from multiple computers every few seconds. They are being DENIED
> by my firewall scripts, but I'd rather not have my limited bandwith
> wasted like this.

They're game ports. The appropriate FAQ,
(which you should bookmark, if not already) points at 27910+ for Quake, and
I'm pretty sure I've seen one or two such games using roughly that range.

In fact, on a google search,
pertains - it's Half-Life. The distributed nature of the source-ports goes
hand in hand with it being a game as well; I don't think it'll last long,
as once everyone realises you're not responding they'll stop asking, so
it's not a bandwidth-eating problem.


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