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Re: OT: frequent accesses to port 563[456]

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Guido Guenther wrote:
> Hi,
> ippl shows frequent access attempts to ports 563[456] tcp in our
> subnet originating from machines all over the world. netstat and
> lsof show no programs listening on these ports. A websearch didn't 
> reveal any usefull information regarding these port numbers. Any ideas?
>  -- Guido

   These ports are used by the Gnutella file sharing program.  The official
   gnutella port is 6346, but some universities started blocking that
   port.  The original author of gnut (the linux client) was at one such
   University, and so he changed the default port of gnut to 5346.
   Other clients have likewise changed their default ports.

   For more information on Gnutella, check out http://gnutella.wego.com.

   The most popular linux client, gnut, which has it's new official page
   at http://www.mrob.com/gnut/.



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